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Sunday, April 30, 2006

everyone, what's going on? sorry i haven't posted for awhile--been out of Japan and jugglin. so I started a flickr account for photos. this is way easier than just posting photos directly on blogs. i've already put up hundreds and hope to put up hundreds more. from work to private to hanging out, etc. come visit and join up with me:

so it's saturday night 2 AM here in Tokyo. i'm supposed to be writing for oZone. tomorrow i will--i swear. i've got to get out some stuff to Manike by Monday morning. i won't flake. i swear. no really. really i said!

Saturday, April 29, 2006


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

monday nite. i'm supposed to be writing poetry. i will, i swear. it needs to already become 2 am first. i'm writing 16 poems for the Princess Ai pin-up book. it's such a rewarding creative outlet--reminds me of many a day at the beach, really bummed out, writing poetry and sometimes (yeah I admit it) getting high. and, no, not now. i'm straight as an arrow but if i light a candle, look into the shadows, and let the artwork speak to me--the poetry comes in. that's what i will keep doing this week until elizabeth gets all 16. i hope everyone digs the poems. i really would love to know what they make you think about. summer. that's when the book goes on sale. i need to have my website redone so poems and recent stuff like oZone can be added. man, so much to do!!

anyways, off to the candlelight, shadows, and beautiful art...