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Sunday, August 06, 2006

just checking in w/ all of u, taking a break from MySpace.

tell me Global Warming isn't for real. What was all that heat about in Cali when I went back during Comicon to visit? that was ridiculous. I felt like I had left Tokyo...for Tokyo. In fact, when I returned to Tokyo it was probably 20 degrees cooler than LA (although it caught up very quickly and now it's hot and humid here in JPN like always).

so brief update: we're behind on Ai-Land Chronicles. Yeah, I know, that sucks. Part of it is my fault, I'm a bit stuck on the screenplay. Part of it is the anime company's fault--they've been going through some changes and have had challenges finding the right character designer. Supposedly the team's in place now--we'll see when we meet up in the next week. Cross your fingers--all mine (and my toes) are already crossed.

but instead I banged out a treatment for a NEW manga (which will probably be able to go for film). This one is a wild hyper-speed zombie romp.

I'll tell you guys more on a later blog--as soon as we wrap up the plans with the manga artist.

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  • btw, come sign up at the new if you haven't already. lots of shit happening there 2.

    oh yeah--the Milk-Tees damn, haven't talked about them yet. I've got to post some stuff up.

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