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Monday, August 15, 2005

hey world, how ru? it's late sunday night here in the land of the rising sons. so i've got a few photos to show and instead of putting them in the gallery (which is a bit of a pain and I'm tired), I'm just going to try (for the 1st time ever) to put them here on my blog. wow, i'm so tech savvy.

ok, so let's try one:

so tell me this isn't hysterical. it's a fruit chewy candy thing here in japan called "dew dew." kind of like "honey, can you go get me some
dew dew to munch on?"

So this one over here on the left is a sign i saw walking down the street. everything is so official here in japan. this is hereby proclaimed to be "The Place Police Men Patrol."
good word of warning to criminals too so they don't mix it up with "The Place Criminals Should Commit Crimes Since No Police Men Patrol."

ok, i guess that's all 4 2nite. i think i'll show some more photos next time. i just wish the formatting was better. i'm sure it's just tech savvy me that's the problem...

what's up with all of u. btw, thanx for all the e-mail! i have them in a folder where i am going to start e-mailing back, i swear, i promise, i...(uh-oh)...


Friday, August 12, 2005

ok i've got to get this off my chest. i really feel guilty for not updating my blog more often and it's killin me. so i'll make u guys a deal--i swear i'll update it more often if no one complains about what i say. is that fair? basically, i don't want to watch my language anymore. the fact is--i cuss sometimes. yeah, i know, everyone does, but still--it's kind of trashy, right? but oh well so i guess i'm kind of trashy. so if anyone out there is into the whole "clean" thing or whatever, don't take offense. also, if you happen to be, u know, like too young to read four-letter words, don't let your parents know you're reading my blog. and make sure you eat your broccoli. (btw, i always hated eggplant and when i was a little kid brussel sprouts. but i kind of like brussel sprouts now, and i'll put up w/ eggplant if i'm not paying. )

anyone have a veggie they absolutely love or hate?

dude, i'm on my mac now and it won't let me do color. that sucks. i'm kind of a color addict when i type. so sorry this is so b&w. just deal.

btw, another thing i think i'm going to do on my blog is etch some lyrics as they come to mind or whatever. whether it's rhymes, spoken word, etc.--i'll throw it down if everyone swears not to laugh when i suck. (and believe me it happens quite frequently!).

so for this particular blog i'm just going to mention that one of major goals is to come up with a line that rhymes "endive" and "Maldives." yes, that is indeed stupid, but i'm really feelin it. so if anyone wants to post their endive/Maldives rhyme here, i highly encourage it (and, no, i won't pay u).

ok, signing off for now.