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Monday, June 27, 2005

ok i'm buzzed right now from drinking "nihonshu" meaning japanese sake. sometimes i get to go out and get friggin wasted here in japan because, well, that's what everyone does. but lately it's been kind of mellow. so whatever--i guess being buzzed is ok. it's better for me anyways since i have to wake up in the morning and actually get some work done. but, honestly people, let's get real--doesn't it suck to have to work every day? what a pain in the arse (as they say in northern ireland). i don't know--sometimes i just want to jam and make a bunch of cool stuff but something gets in the way (i.e. "work"). it's hard to just say "go" when you schedule it, y'know what i mean? but i can't complain--i feel lucky and honored that there are people (u guys!) out there that like and respect what i work so hard on. it's not easy--and people love to talk shit y'know. but that's cool. it's natural for everyone to rag on each other. i'm just lucky to be able to work on something every now and then and get it actually published. thanks to all you guys. can you send me e-mails? now it's finally set up so i can respond ok, so i'm going to respond, i swear! if for some reason you haven't heard from me back, please try again. and don't get frustrated. i really do appreciate your e-mail.

ok, now i'm going to drink water and pray i don't have a hangover tomorrow...


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

nice, it worked!! (uh-oh, now i have no excuse, do i?)

but i can't do all the pretty, pretty colors from e-mail... (lunatic fringe)


can i really post from e-mail?

hey everyone. it's like 5:30 AM and i can't sleep. have any of u dealt with that b4? it's been happening to me a lot recently. i don't know if it's jet-lag or stress or my body just complaining. i don't know--sometimes i think that people (meaning "humans") are on a serious death-spiral. the way we all live nowadays can't be healthy, can it? i think it's all the fault of cell phones. sure, they're convenient, but there must be some completely unnatural emission that's constantly zapping our brains and killing our blood cells. i guess i'm paranoid but at least paranoia provides a nice raison d'etre, no?

i feel guilty for not updating my blog more. i swear i will. there's some thing about e-mailing into your blog and if i can make that one work it will be way easier. i promise. i got an e-mail from m. alice legrow. do u guys know her? (check out her manga, which i read and really liked--it's at anyways, she made me feel guilty for not updating my blog and she's right. maybe that's why i've been losing sleep? (see, i can just transfer the guilt:-) ). no, really, tho, she's right.

and by the way, i'm going to return e-mails soon. i swear. there's a bit of a technical hitch with the yahoo account. sorry i'm so technically lame. i wish i was talented enough to be a hacker but i'm just a hack.

alright, i'm going back to lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. it's kind of like pseudo-sleep so it's got to count for something, no?

e-mail me--i swear i'll write back soon! (either that or just make me feel more guilty so i really don't sleep...).