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Friday, October 21, 2005

what's up milky blob readers? last entry i mistyped and wrote "blob" instead of "blog" but then i looked at it and felt it to be so natural, so me. that's right--this is indeed my blob. kind of like my life--one big messy blob.

so, just thought i'd check in. it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks. drinking in tokyo, drinking in beijing, um, drinking (and i mean major till-5am-every-night) drinking in pusan korea. then back to tokyo for two more "mellow" drinking evenings then literally the worst stomach flu you can imagine. my body basically just said "what the fuck are you doing?!" and refused to work anymore. man it sucked. pain, pain, puking, pain, nausea, pain, fever--rewind then press play again.

so it's thursday past midnite now and i finally had sushi again after a week of only "okayu" (rice porridge" and toast (with a little bit of imported campbell's chicken soup just to feel like mom used to make...).

last nite was a long meeting with satelight about the princess ai anime. damn, i'm so behind schedule. i have to write the english scripts on manga v. 3 chapters 13-15 to finish up the manga then bang out the film pilot storyboard then start working on the film outline then screenplay. -->major shakes, shitfits then beads of sweat<;->

ok why the hell can't i use color with safari? vat am i doin vrong?? man, i give up.

well, there u go. someone pleez e-mail me and tell me a recent bout of flu or stomach thingie or some kind of illness so i can feel not so alone...


Saturday, October 01, 2005

i'm sheepishly sneaking back over to my blob, with my eyes down from guilt and shame that it's been so long. i don't know if you've given up on me or still come by every now and then. thanks for all of you who have e-mailed me. what i want to do is answer some of your e-mails via my blog since lots of your questions are similar. i want to do that soon but right now i'm a bit tired--sort of fighting a cold. it's turning steadily into autumn, wavering between staying warm and slipping into cool, almost cold. one day i try a jacket and i'm sweating; the next i wear a t-shirt and freezing. not the time to become negligent.

one thing i want to say though: my heart goes out to New Orleans. i really loved that city--don't mean to use past tense because the love remains. it's just sad to see it wash away. i hope they can build it back--so many of us love it. the seafood, tabasco, street musicians, silly bars in the french quarter, beautiful architecture, annoying cops... lots of memories i had there including a bizarre night in jail. yeah, i'm serious.

anyways, peace to all y'all up in this joint with milky.

back to fighting the virus...