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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives

Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives: "Im checking out Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives from @TOKYOPOP"

Monday, January 05, 2009

Princess Ai album on iTunes!!

OK, honestly, it's great to be able to finally set up these links to the new P-Ai product.  After all these months, the album's finally out.  The songs came out great, thanks to Ben and to the band Nude, as well as Skye of course.  I know not every fan will think the song is what they imagined because that's what happens when you read lyrics before hearing a song, but these are the songs that came out of my head and heart; I hope everyone gets to enjoy them for that.  

Also, Skye has her own vocal style - pretty anime-sounding if you ask me.  She has a beautiful voice.  It's different than Courtney's or even the real Ai's but the main thing to remember is that Ai can be a muse for all of us.  This is how Skye was inspired by Ai, which is why the artist is called Princess Ai loves Skye.  In the future, Ai can be a muse for any singer and Skye is just the first.  

You guys can sing her songs too - and do your own versions.  Go for it and have fun!

Here's the iTunes link:

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Princess Ai - Prism of Midnight Dawn!!!
It's finally out!  The long-awaited sequel to Princess Ai is now on the streets.  Special thanks to Kujiradou-san for her amazing artwork, which just keeps getting better and better (as if that's even possible), and to Christine for her awesome script based on my my story, and to Lil and Rie for incredible editing chops.  You guys are top-notch and fabulous collaborators!

Here is the embed of Chapter 1:

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Everyone, here is the long-awaited Broken Leash music video: with "real" anime from Satelight in Japan! I know, I know - got to complete the full anime. But check this one out:

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Happy 2009 everyone!!

I'm here in Japan where it's very cold.

Got my computer open and starting an outline for a new Princess Ai project. Can't discuss this one yet. Hope it works out!!

Also, starting to train a bit for a "sprint triathlon" (which is a chibi triathlon for those of us who are relatively wimpy). It's fun beating your body back into shape (or at least as close to a shape that resembles something other than a blob).

Happy New Year!! Write me!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Already August - and I'm glad to be back in Japan this month, even though it's insanely hot, always is in summer. The Princess Ai soundtrack is finally coming out! One song a month for the next few months until the whole album is out in November. Right now, Seraph Serenade is released on iTunes, with the music video as well. Actually Kent sang the song to Ai when she was first in her condo at HTA, but on the album Ai sings it. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. All 8 songs are finished and 5 of them have music videos. I think most came out pretty cool, wonder what everyone's favorites will be?

Lately been writing Battle Vixens screenplay with Steven Calcote (aka Coldcut). We're making Van Von Hunter together as well - writing, directing, producing, even acting. It's very disturbing. So Battle Vixens is not only disturbing; it's demented. (In a different way from Love Like Blood).

Alright, I'm in too serious of a mood. It's because I'm sick I think. I've got this adult chicken pox thing called shingles, which sucks. The pain never stops and I'm not a big painkiller fan so I hang in there all day then take meds at night.

Anyways, would love to hear from everyone.

Ja, mata na!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to say I'm sorry I haven't been keeping my blogs update. Life is a whirlwind and it's spinning me around and around.

Brief projects update:

- Princess Ai manga sequel called Prism of the Midnight Dawn (yeah!)
- Princess Ai comic strip collection. All 182 strips!! (yup, that's 182. shit i'm tired).
- Princess Ai Broken Leash anime music video. Debuted at NY Anime Fair. Now getting ready for a 2008 DVD and online release, along with other music videos.
- Princess Ai soundtrack - all 8 songs in 2008!!
- Love Like Blood screenplay (based on the manga Lament of the Lamb). It's now done, as of this morning. Whew!!
- Fright Elevator manga. Story still in the works.
- Street Fury manga. New story--stay tuned.
- Karma Club - volume 2 out soon.
- Kung Fu Klutz - wrapping up at volume 3. Thanks Mark!!
- Treasure Chess - may be revised in Japan as a new project. that would be frickin awesome...
- Juror 13 - one day, the film. One day...
- Van Von Hunter - bruwahahaha. hee hee hee, you guys will love this one :-)

Oh, and all that frickin' TOKYOPOP stuff like I've got to do for my day job.

Anyways, I wanted to say to all of you.

New Year's Resolution: update my Blogger and MySpace more often

2008 yoroshiku!!!!


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Princess Ai of Ai-Land - early comp

just in case you haven't checked out my blog on myspace.

if not, go check it out:



Monday, March 19, 2007

My latest quotable for posterity:

Money can be made or lost; time, only lost.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

OK, let me discuss Ai

Now that I finally updated this blog again, I may as well mention what's up with Ai.? I need to upload on MySpace and TOKYOPOP as well.

Currently working on:
- Ai soundtrack (8 songs total).? Hoping this is done and out in summer.? We'll see.
- Ai novels.? Making sure everything is cool with Sir Edwin See, Brian & the crew.
- Ai newspaper strips.? Working with Rie, Mai and AM.
- Ai film.? Still working on this.? Satelight is slow.? I really hope to see anime at TAF this year.
- Ai manga sequel.? Ha ha ha--my secret :-)? for now...

oh yeah...

i forgot i had this blog.? shows u how much i'm paying attention...